This Is My Story: Margaret Busby

This Is My Story: Margaret Busby

If Margaret’s life were a story, it would be a page turner. But what advice would the protagonist, who has spent her entire career using her voice to give voice to others, give to us now?

The past 18 months mark a turning point in our industry. For the story creators, the publishers and the deal makers. The copyright pros, the commissioners, and the global licensers. The world as we knew it, has changed.

But the new world is as reliant on stories as ever.

The stories that made the evenings more bearable. The home schooling more tolerable, and kept lives liveable, as we binge read & watched our way through. The new night time stories for the little ones. The new nail biting stories for the bigger ones.

But what if we told the story of our industry these past 18 months, what would it be?

Well, this year, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. This year, The London Book Fair 2022 is a salute to the story creators.

Because this year, the story is all about you.

Following Margaret’s recent Lifetime Achievement Award, the London Book Fair team caught up with Margaret to ask her about her story. Enjoy.

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