Society of Young Publishers are Rewriting the (Rule) Book

Society of Young Publishers are Rewriting the (Rule) Book

SYP are hosting a conference investigating recent changes in the industry

The Society of Young Publishers is to host a conference on Saturday 10th November. Named Rewriting the (Rule) Book: Innovation and Disruption in Publishing, this Conference is part of the SYP’s bi-annual conference schedule, and will investigate recent changes in the industry relating to inclusivity and rising trends.

Taking place at the London College of Communications, the line-up will include a keynote speech from Clare Conville, co-founder of literary agency Conville and Walsh, plus panel talks from Rose Goddard of the Women’s Prize for Fiction, Aimee Feloné of Knights Of and Keshini Naiddo and Lindsey Mooney of newly-founded Hera Books.

More than 50 other speakers from across the industry will be appearing at the conference, including author Sam Conniff Allende to discuss his book Be More Pirate alongside his publishing team.

The event is being organised by SYP London co-chairs Katrin Krusch and Phoebe Morgan, head of events Hilary Bell, and events co-ordinators Lucy Frederick, Callum Mollison, Hannah Smith, Rachel Gladman, Kimberley Sheehan and Bethany Carter.

Krusch and Morgan said: ‘The publishing industry is undergoing a series of welcome changes at the moment – for a long time innovation and disruption was solely focused on technology but our conference this year is also looking at the big cultural changes that are underway in the industry, changing what and how we publish. We will be addressing issues such as book job transparency, the gender pay gap, diversity in literature and unconscious bias, as well as looking at technological changes such as the rise in audio, the growth of VR and the recent popularity of the ‘up-lit’ trend. We are immensely grateful to our sponsors and speakers for supporting our conference this year – there is something for everyone.’

Carter and Frederick said: ‘With this year’s conference we wanted to really champion the voices that are changing the face of the industry and paving the way for future publishing success. We’re so thrilled to have such fantastic speakers on board and are especially pleased to announce the return of the networking marketplace, where a select group of publishing, careers and book-trade related organisations will exhibit throughout the day. We cannot wait to hear from the innovators that are truly rewriting the rulebook.’

The SYP will be sponsoring five tickets to this event in order to support the society’s renewed focus on inclusivity. These tickets will be given to applicants from marginalised backgrounds including those from BAME, LGBTQ+ and other under-represented groups within publishing, such as those with disabilities, and those on low income. These tickets can be applied for here.

Tickets for the conference and more information on the event can be found on the SYP website.

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