Informing and Empowering Writers – The London Book Fair’s Author HQ 2022 Programme Announced

Informing and Empowering Writers – The London Book Fair’s Author HQ 2022 Programme Announced

5-7 April 2022

Peter James – Milly Johnson – Louise Candlish – Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

Fiona Lucas – Ingrid Persaud – Simon Alexander Ong

Kate Ruby – Chrissy Ryan – The Novelry – Sam Missingham – Naomi Bacon

Ayo Onatade – Lit in Colour – HarperNorth

New Writing North – Midas – Natasha Carthew

London, 21 February 2022. The London Book Fair is delighted to announce its Author HQ events programme for 2022, taking place on Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 April at Olympia. Speakers include bestselling authors Milly Johnson, Peter James and Ingrid Persaud, alongside leading industry figures from HarperNorth, Working Class Writers Festival, The Empowered Author and Penguin Random House’s Lit in Colour

The Authors: Central to Our Business programme incorporates the popular Author HQ events stage, designed to provide writers with an insight into the trends and talking points currently exciting the publishing industry, offering a range of inspiring content from authors and industry experts through a series of engaging and thought-provoking seminars.

Highlights from the Author HQ programme are:

How I Write…: Three well-known authors share a behind-the-scenes look at their writing day, revealing how they wrote their best-known books.

From Book to Screen: Crime and Thrillers: Capturing the gripping nature of a crime novel and transferring to the big screen is an art form. In this session, bestselling novelists Peter James, Louise Candlish and Kate Ruby share how they keep the audience gripped – on page and screen.

Preparing For Publication: The path to publication is an exciting one – and there are ways to prepare to make sure your new book is reader-ready. Experts from Midas and The Novelry share top tips on preparing for publication, and author Lizzie Damilola Blackburn discusses her experience ahead of the publication of her debut Yinka, Where is Your Huzband? published by Viking in April.

Trending On TikTok = Book Sales: The Perfect Equation?: TikTok is fast becoming known as the go-to social platform for driving book sales. Author, early adopter and commentator on TikTok, Fiona Lucas and the team behind Penguin Random House’s Lit in Colour will discuss the key role of TikTok in the book world and which trends are the ones to watch.

The Power of The Bookshop: The Role Booksellers Play in Championing Your Book: Book retailers, whether a chain, indie bookshop or supermarket, can put the books they love into the hands of readers. Here, booksellers, and Independent Bookshop Award winning author Ingrid Persaud reveal the role bookshops can play in celebrating your book.

Publishing Outside of London: What Are the Benefits?: As ‘the Big 4’ begin to open offices outside of the UK capital, publishers from across the UK share the benefits this will bring to authors, publishers and most importantly, the readers.

Energising The Writing Process: Life coach and energy management expert Simon Alexander Ong shares the best ways to make the most of your time and harness your productivity to finish writing your book.

Andy Ventris, Director of The London Book Fair, said: “Authors are at the heart of the publishing industry, and we’re really pleased to be able to welcome them back to the fair in person this year. Hearing from authors who are on their own publishing journey offers an invaluable insight for aspiring writers into the creative process. The London Book Fair is thrilled to have so many brilliant authors and industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience in this year’s programme. Nothing beats being in the room where it’s all happening and having so many inspiring speakers at this year’s fair is a great show of confidence. I’m sure Author HQ will once again be one of the buzziest parts of the fair.

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