Industry-Wide Survey Launches to Investigate International Book Prizes

Industry-Wide Survey Launches to Investigate International Book Prizes

Responses invited until 15 August 2022.

Woking, UK, 3 August 2022. Nielsen BookData has announced the third edition of an industry-wide survey to investigate the international landscape and perception of book prizes. The survey, which is supported by the Frankfurt Book Fair, Publishing Perspectives and The London Book Fair, has been commissioned by an International Book Prize and will help the industry understand which literary prizes make an impact internationally, what factors help them make the most impact, and how they can become more effective.

Spanning the Covid to post-Covid era, the survey, which has been repeated annually since 2020, invites those working in the publishing, bookselling, literary agency, writing, media and academic sectors in various territories to take part in a questionnaire, which should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

2021 Survey Findings

Findings from the 2021 edition of the survey, which had almost 1,000 respondents, established that the Booker Prize remains the most important book prize to international audiences overall. The domestic impact of awards was increasingly important to writers, while sales remained the most important factor for publishers to submit books.

Among a range of issues, the 2022 survey seeks to identify how interests in digitization, diversity and inclusion, prize profile and promotional tools are changing in the book trade.

All respondents receive a copy of the findings and responses are welcome until Monday 15 August. A donation to BookAid International, the international book donation and library support charity which creates access to books where it’s most needed, will be made for every survey questionnaire completed.

To take part, click here.

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