The London Book Fair celebrates the official Market Focus Handover from Turkey to Korea

London, Wednesday 17 April 2013, 4pm:  In an official handover ceremony today on the final day of fair, The London Book Fair and its UK partners the British Council and The Publishers Association, the Turkish Ministry for Culture and Tourism and The Korean Publishers Association formally inaugurated Korea as Market Focus for 2014.

The official handover was attended on behalf of outgoing Market Focus country, Turkey, by Ümit Yaşar Gözüm, The Coordinator of the Turkish National Organizing Committee, and Murathan Mungan, author, and Eric Yang of the Korean Publishers Association, and Ch’oe Yun, author, accepted the honour on behalf of Korea.

Korea was chosen as The London Book Fair Market Focus for 2014 to reflect the country’s status as one of the top ten publishing markets in the world, and its expanding reputation within the international literary community, as exemplified by Kyung-sook Shin winning the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2011.

The London Book Fair Market Focus initiative is currently in its tenth year and has done much to open doors, creating both commercial and cultural partnerships around the world since it was first introduced by The London Book Fair in 2004.  The objective of the Market Focus is to put the spotlight on publishing trade links with the country or region that is showcased, highlighting its publishing industry, and the opportunities for conducting business with the rest of the world.  This year’s programme of events has been one of the most stimulating and varied to date, as well as doing much to cement crucial new relationships between East and West.

As in past years, the Market Focus programme will be supported with an exciting series of cultural events organised by the British Council, The London Book Fair’s strategic partner on The London Book Fair’s cultural programme. The Publishers Association, also a strategic partner of The London Book Fair, will organise a professional programme of events aimed at creating dialogue and opportunities for business between Korean and UK publishers.

The London Book Fair announced Korea as Market Focus country for 2014 at a launch event at Asia House, London on 11 December 2012. The event was attended by The London Book Fair, The Korean Publishers Association and LBF Market Focus strategic partners, the British Council and The Publishers Association of the UK, alongside representatives from UK and Korean publishing industries.

The London Book Fair 2014 takes place 8-10 April, Earls Court London.

Jacks Thomas, Director of the London Book Fair, said:  “The 2013 Turkey Market Focus has been another landmark year, and has fed the continued fascination with Turkey from the UK publishing community. We look forward to hearing all the positive outcomes, particularly in and around the TEDA translation grant programme. Turkey will be a tough act to follow, but we have already seen great commitment from our partners in Korea, , and there is no lacking in ambition and drive to create another fascinating programme that highlights the equally fascinating publishing industry and writing in Korea.”

Susie Nicklin, Director of Literature, British Council, said: “It gives me great pleasure to thank all the writers, publishers and officials from Turkey for their enthusiastic participation in the London Book Fair Market Focus Cultural Programme for 2013. It has been a stimulating and thought-provoking few days which have, I hoped, sown the seeds for greater collaboration between the literature sectors of our two countries.

Richard Mollet, Chief Executive Officer of The Publishers Association, said: “I have been delighted to work with our strategic partners at The London Book Fair and at the British Council in creating such a stimulating and fruitful programme….as Market Focus Turkey draws to a close at this year’s book fair and we thank our partners for their incredible commitment, we greatly look forward to welcoming Korea to The London Book Fair as the Market Focus in 2014.  There is certainly no lacking drive to build strong business relationships with the publishing circles of Korea.”

Eric Yang, Korean Publishers Association, said: “I would like to congratulate my Turkish colleagues on the successful organization of the events. Thank you! The Market Focus 2014 will showcase very active leading Korean publishers, publishing professionals and last but not least, renowned Korean writers.”

Ümit Yaşar Gözüm, The Coordinator of the Turkish National Organizing Committee, said: “I hope we shall leave this fair having created greater professional interest in Turkish literature and with firm working relationships in place. Here, today Korea, a country with which Turkey has a deep friendship, has been appointed Market Focus   2014.  I wish them every success during their time as Market Focus. It has been a huge privilege to be a part of this programme since 2008 and I wish everyone involved huge success for the future.”

Why Korea?
The eleventh Market Focus will build on a heritage of enhancing cultural and political exchanges between Korea and the UK. Through The London Book Fair’s professional programme and the British Council’s cultural programme, UK audiences will gain unprecedented access to Korean authors, cultural commentators and publishing market experts. The London Book Fair will provide a platform for publishers from Korea to bring their business to the Fair, and writers from Korea to present their work to an international audience.

In the last decade Korea has grown in international stature as a publishing nation. Korea has a population of almost 50m and 98% literacy rate. It has one of the top ten publishing markets in the world with a minimum retail market size of UK £2.5 billion. In 2010, over 10,500 translated titles were published in Korea, some UK £218 million, with Japan, US and UK make up 77% of the total translated titles. The education publishing market is worth at least £0.69m. The Korean Publishers Association organised Korea’s guest of honour programme at Frankfurt Book Fair in 2005 and also at Bologna Children’s Fair in 2009.

The London Book Fair Market Focus 2014 hopes to build relationships between Korean and English publishers, in order to build the profiles of these authors with UK audiences. As such they will be working closely with the Korean Literary Translation Institute, which works for the wider translation and publication of Korean literature.

Full speeches, including those from representative authors, are available on request.



The Korean Publishers Association (KPA) was founded in 1947 with a vision of supporting the freedom of expression, publication and information circulation for member publishers in Korea. It is also dedicated to promoting good practises in Korea in such a way that further enriches Korean culture. KPA has been at the forefront of upholding rights and welfare of publishers in Korea and has played a pivotal role in transforming Korea into one of the top 10 most productive countries in the world in terms of production output. The KPA’s members represent 80-90% of the Korean publishing market. KPA coordinates the Korean Collective Stand at various international book fairs.

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. We are a Royal Charter charity, established as the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Our 7000 staff in over 100 countries work with thousands of professionals and policy makers and millions of young people every year through English, arts, education and society programmes. We earn over 75% of our annual turnover of nearly £700 million from services which customers pay for, education and development contracts we bid for and from partnerships. A UK Government grant provides the remaining 25%. We match every £1 of core public funding with over £3 earned in pursuit of our charitable purpose.

The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. Taking place every spring in the world’s premier publishing and cultural capital, it is a unique opportunity to explore, understand and capitalise on the innovations shaping the publishing world of the future. The London Book Fair brings you direct access to customers, content and emerging markets. The London Book Fair 2013, the 42nd Fair, will take place from 15-17 April 2013, Earls Court, London. Turkey is Market Focus country in 2013, following China in 2012. For further information, please visit:

The Publishers Association is the leading trade organisation serving book, journal, audio and electronic publishers in the UK. Membership is comprised of 117 companies from across the trade, academic and education sectors. Its core service is representation and lobbying, around copyright, rights and other matters relevant to members, who represent roughly 80% of the industry by turnover.

The Market Focus programme was first created in 2004 for LBF to draw attention to certain countries and highlight the trade links with this territory, its publishing industry and the opportunities for conducting business with the rest of the world.


For further information about The London Book Fair Market Focus 2013, including speeches, please contact Nicola Green, Midas Public Relations, tel: +44 (0)20 7361 7860, email:  For further information about the Market Focus Cultural Programme, please contact Alex Bratt, Senior Press Officer, British Council, tel: +44 (0) 207 389 4872, email:

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