Publishing for Digital Minds Virtual Conference Engages Nearly a Million People Across Six Continents

Around The World in 8 Hours, the virtual stream of The London Book Fair’s Publishing for Digital Minds conference generated 17.8 million impressions and reached 882,000 users on Twitter alone on 18 March.

The virtual conference – which was the first of its type mounted by a major publishing conference – took place between 8am and 4.30pm GMT on 18 March. It took a whistle-stop tour around the global publishing industry, beginning in China before moving on to Australia, Malaysia, India, Germany, Mexico and the United States.

Taking place over a single day across eight time zones, the conference attracted visitors from over 170 locations worldwide to events on Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. Speakers and delegates dialed in to observe and participate in discussions about the book business from six continents. Engagement in India, Malaysia and the United States was particularly strong, but virtual visitors to the conference came from as far afield as Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.

Selected highlights from the programme included: –

  • A prediction from Thomas Abraham, managing director of Hachette India that ‘95%’ of ebooks sold in India were read not on ereaders or tablets but mobile phones
  • An exclusive infographic from ebook subscription service Scribd revealing the favourite books in participating countries
  • Best-selling author Amish Tripathi said that he self-published and sold 5,000 print copies of his first book as a marketing tactic to achieve his objective of landing a publishing contract
  • Klaus Renkl of the German ereading platform Tolino, revealed that GfK’s consumer panel put Tolino’s share of the ebook market ahead of Amazon in Germany for the second successive quarter
  • Source Book’s Dominique Raccah predicted that the growing popularity of ‘click and collect’ ecommerce had the power to change bookselling

Around The World in 8 Hours attracted both a global speaker roster drawn from leading large and independent publishers and a global audience. Participating publishers, booksellers and platform providers included HarperCollins Australia, Penguin Random House India, Hachette India, McGraw Hill, Buku Fixi, Centro Trilce Ediciones, Tolino, Publishing Technology China, Sourcebooks and Scribd.

Orna O’Brien, conference manager, The London Book Fair, said: “We’re thrilled to be the first digital publishing conference to implement its own virtual stream. Around The World in 8 Hours gave us the opportunity to pack a globe’s worth of publishing into a few hours, and to spark ideas, conversations and discussions that touched nearly a million people thousands of miles apart. It really emphasised what a global business publishing has become, and we can’t wait to resume those conversations at Publishing for Digital Minds on 13 April.”

Tickets for Publishing for Digital Minds are on sale now priced at £399 plus VAT. Entry to the conference includes free entry to LBF itself (Tuesday 14 – Thursday 16 April 2015, Olympia, West London). Click here to buy your ticket today.

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Tuesday 14 -Thursday 16 April 2015

Notes to editors:

The London Book Fair (LBF) is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. Taking place every Spring in the world’s premier publishing and cultural capital, it is a unique opportunity to explore, understand and capitalise on the innovations shaping the publishing world of the future. LBF brings you direct access to customers, content and emerging markets. LBF 2015, the 44th Fair, will take place from Tuesday 14-Thursday 16 April 2015, Olympia London. LBF’s London Book and Screen Week will run for the second year, with the book fair as the pivotal three day event within a five day programme. London Book and Screen Week will open with LBF’s Publishing for Digital Minds Conference on Monday 13 April, the day before LBF opens. Mexico is Market Focus country in 2015, following Korea in 2014. In 2014 LBF’s charity of the year was Book Aid International.

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