E-book distribution in a globalized world: opportunities and challenges for European players

On June 11st Casa del Lector in Madrid will host the international meeting European Ebook Platforms, mediators and audiences. Distribution towards the new audiences and institutional markets. The event will gather the main European companies involved in the distribution and sale of e-books and digital content who aim to create discussion and exchange about innovative trends of digital distribution, as well as promoting a stronger collaboration between the players involved, and with public and private institutions.

The main creators of this event held a closed meeting last summer. So the June appointment marks a second step towards what aims to become a stable cooperation project of an organized group.

The rich programme of the day will include contributions from speakers of the main international organizations working in this field. The meeting will start with European successful case studies, which can provide best practices scalable to other countries. First there will be the experience of Tolino which, after becoming direct competitor of Amazon in Germany, has developed a strategy of alliances with European partners to expand its model beyond national borders. Following up, there will be the Dutch case of Blende, a distribution model applied to the news industry, already defined as the “l’iTunes for the news”.

The event will also offer a focus on the libraries and the services created around digital content: a round table will host experts debating trends and models in the e-book area.

Last but not least, there will be space for a wider international angle, with an overview of the Brazilian e-book market and the presentation of the international strategy of Odilo, the Spanish digital distributor. Organizations as Edigita (IT), Fande (ES), Libranda (ES) Nielsen (UK), Gardners (UK) Libreka (DE), Asfored (FR), Editis (FR) are just few of the participants already confirmed.

The meeting is part of a calendar of events of the European network TISP (Technology Innovation for Smart Publishing) and is organized by FANDE, the Spanish Federation of the Associations of Book Distributors, in collaboration with Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez.

The conference is one of the events of Readmagine, the Spanish Digital Week which features many other events as a meeting with innovative start-ups and an open event about innovation and libraries. The complete programme is available here:

http://readmagine.fundaciongsr.com/indexeng.php). TISP partners as well as their associated companies can participate at no cost at the meeting as well as at the other Readmagine events, by sending an email to orna.obrien@reedexpo.co.uk

Non-associated companies interested in the event can participate as well. The entrance fee is 120 €.

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