5 minutes with Titi Horsfall

5 minutes with Titi Horsfall

titihorsfallFollowing various international training on writing and communication, a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, a Masters in banking and finance, and an MBA in oil and gas management from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Titi Horsfall has built a career in corporate communications and is the Head of Government Relations in an Oil and Gas industry. She is also, the acclaimed novelist of Influence of a King, and From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther. Her poetry collection Reflections is an approved and recommended text in some secondary schools.

She is the African Achievers Awards Honoree, and recipient of the 2016 African Literature Prize. Titi Horsfall is enlisted in the Coat of Many Colours; an anthology of Nigerian authors, received the Deep River Books (DRB) Merit Award, was DRB guest author at the 2013 ICRS in St. Louis Missouri, USA and 2016 ICRS in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. She was a featured author at the 2013 Port Harcourt Book Festival, co-editor of the 2014 UNESCO World Book Capital project: 100 Years around Port Harcourt, and an international author at the London Book Fair 2016.

Known from her youth as a gifted child, for her creativity, enterprise, and dedication to service, she has received other commendations, awards and recognition; including a UNICEF commendation for an NYSC water project, the MD/CEO Business Award in her corporate organization, as well as the 2015 Garden City Advancement Award as role model of the female child.

Titi Horsfall is a wife and mother of three boys, who besides writing, loves travelling and carrying out historical research.


1. Tell us about Titi Horsfall?
I am a wife, mother, novelist, poet, and corporate professional. I work full time in the oil and gas industry, and make the time to write. I once received an award as a role model to the female child, and am passionate about making the most of my time and resources in living a purposeful life.

2. What was the last book you read?
I recently received the first print copy of my novel Influence of a King and naturally, I read the story again—from my reader’s perspective.

Set in England, Nigeria and America, this love story is told against the backdrop of great historic and global events which propel Kanyam and Chad’s individual destinies. Kanyam, a strong willed African woman, rises against the odds of superstition, discrimination and colonial tyranny to find hope and purpose for her life. Chad, a WWII hero, is propelled by his passion to honour his king. He sets out on a mission which will give him more than he envisaged.

I intend to read Carson Tate’s Work Simply, Live Fully. As a working mother with three active boys, I have a very hectic schedule and look forward to Tate’s views and tips to enrich my life.

3. Tell us what you do in 20 words or fewer?
I work in the LNG industry, write fiction and love to travel. I am a wife and mother of three.

4. What do you write on? What books have you written?
I write historical fiction and poetry. My first book is a poetry collection titled Reflections. It exhibits my thoughts, emotions, experiences and observations in my teenage and youthful years. My two novels From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther, and Influence of a King showcase inspiring and literary uplifting historical fiction. I have edited a collaborative work—100 Years around Port Harcourt—alongside Koko Kalango, for the UNESCO Port Harcourt World Book Capital Project. In the works is Reflections Student’s Workbook, aimed at encouraging poetry study.

5. What inspired you to write Influence of a King?
I believe that despite the complexity and diversity in the world, amidst all the great global happenings, as individuals we can find our place, purpose and destiny.

Central to the story is the love between Kanyam and Chad, an African woman and Englishman – world apart, but fate and faith cause their paths to cross.  I yearn for love to triumph over hate, good over evil, beauty over ugliness, as we create a harmonious balance, and a beautiful portrait of life.

5. What is the one essential item you bring to the Fair?
Besides the fact that I am the first Nigerian to exhibit at the Fair, I have brought with me new and intriguing stories, as well as enchanting perspectives of a worldview.

7. What inspired you to write on the Biblical story of Esther?
The inspiration to write the Biblical story of Esther came when I was very young. I had watched the movie, The Ten Commandments, and wondered what the everyday life and times of other Bible characters would have been like. I had a stirring to write on the story of Esther. In this novel, I have written a story that explores the mind-set, personality and circumstance of a female one can relate to. She may share something in common with a daughter, sister, wife or even mother. She mirrors the influences of the men in her life. I believe I have brought this old story to life in such a way that one may say—“That could be me!”

8. As our First Nigerian exhibitor to the London Book Fair, how does that make you feel and how do you think the Fair will help your Works?
I am truly excited, and thankful to God for the opportunity. The London Book Fair is an excellent platform to meet those who can stretch out their hands of support and partnership to me.

9. Which contacts are you seeking to make at the Fair and – and why?
I am casting my net wide: literary agents, film, distributors, marketing, collaborations etc.

10. Tell us about a passionate interest you have outside profession or writing
I give support to my charity, Echoes of Mercy and Hope Foundation. The foundation has a home which caters to young Nigerian girls in desperate circumstances—raped, homeless, deprived and orphaned.  The foundation provides education, medical care, mentorship and guidance for these girls, and raises awareness for advocacy.

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