5 minutes with Christelle Dyon

cdCompulsive reader since always, Christelle Dyon grew up in Brussels. Her journalism studies at the Free University of Brussels just completed, she joined the Metro newspaper staff in 2002. Because of her addiction to books, it’s not that surprising that she quickly became the literary criticism of the newspaper. In 2010, she even got the Ex-libris prize discerned by the Association of Belgian Publishers (ADEB) for her reviews and interviews of authors of all kinds. So when she learned that the ADEB was looking for a Communication manager in 2015, Christelle jumped into the place.  Since then, she does all she can to defend, represent, inform and entertain publishers and distributors of Belgian French language books, whatever the medium, in Belgium and abroad.

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1. What was the last book you read?
To be honest, the last one was a children’s book. My daughters never agree to go to bed without a—I mean, three or four—stories. The last book I read for my own pleasure was Comment le chat de mon ex est devenu mon ex chat written by Edgar Kosma (ONLiT) which could be translated in English as How the Cat of My Ex Became My Ex Cat. I also have a bunch of comics waiting beside my bed.

2. What’s next on your reading list?
I can’t wait to start Chroniques de Melvile from Romain Renard (Le Lombard). I would say it’s a comic but in fact, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a whole transmedia project.

3. Tell us what you/your company does in 20 words or fewer?
The Association of Belgian Publishers (ADEB) mission is the defence, representation, information and entertainment of all professionals, publishers, broadcasters and distributors of Belgian French language books, whatever the medium, in Belgium and abroad. Sorry, it’s a bit more than twenty words but we are not helped by the name of our association…

4. What do you like about your job?
I love books and that my job allows me to work for this fascinating industry, the thing I love the most about my job is the discovering of the whole conception process of books and the idea of stimulating the reading of books.

5. What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone starting out in publishing today?
The best advice I can give them is to get well surrounded. And that means being active in associations of publishers, such as the ADEB in Belgium or the Publishers Association in the UK.

6. Does the publishing industry understand technology?
Some publishers understand it very well. And they better do! The publishing world is always on the move. We really think that part of the future of publishing will pass through the transmedia.

7. How does social media aid the Publishing industry?
It’s a good way to discover what your readers think about your books and what they expect next. It is a must for all people having no idea about what to read next.

8. Which is your favourite bookshop or ebookstore–and why?
I love little bookstores, where the owner knows you so well that he can tell what book you’ll like or not. One of my favourite bookshop in Belgium is Livre&Art (you will find them on Facebook) because they combine two of my passions—books and art!

9. When was your first London Book Fair?
This year is our first London book fair and we are very excited. Can’t wait to discover it.

10. What is the one essential item you will bring to the Fair?
My smile. It’s always more fun with it stuck on my face.

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